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Empire Metal is a marketplace for scrap metal. Here you will find scrap metal prices, scrap metal suppliers, scrap metal buyers, scrap metal offer to buy and sell along with other various categories of scrap.



About Us

Empire Metals Recycling LTD has been operating in Edmonton, Canada since 2022.
Empire Metals Recycling LTD is a marketplace for scrap metal and we are aiming to be a Globally Admired Company in Metal Recycling, delivering Sustainable Values to all Stakeholders.


Acceptable and Unacceptable Material

For both our customers and the workers at the Empire Metal Recycling LTD scrap yard, there are certain objects and materials that are frequently left from scrap that can cause a high risk. We have included the following list of unacceptable and acceptable materials for Empire Metals container scrap in order to reduce risk and protect you, the environment, and our staff from material harm.


Acceptable Materials

  • Brass

  • Electric Wire

  • Aluminum

  • Lead

  • Copper

  • Insulated Wires

  • Bronze 

  • and many more non-ferrous metals.

Unacceptable Materials

  • Radio Active Material

  • Ammunition

  • Chemicals or product containers containing flammable liquids, oily materials, chlorine, caustic soda or other controlled substances.

  • Pressurized containers or balloons of various gases.

  • Household appliances with refrigerant removed.

  • Scrap vehicles.


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Simone Woods


"I would recommend Empire Metals Recycling Ltd to anybody who wants top cash for scrap metals"

Nicole Yang

"Empire Metals & Recycling Ltd has one of the best cash for scrap metal services all over Edmonton and neighbouring areas."

Calvin Smith

"Empire Metal Recycling Ltd is one of the top paying cash for scrap metal companies.

They have a great service and pay the top amount."

Suzanne Levis

Buyers of all types of scrap metal. Batteries and Brass. Contact us today.

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